SpaceX — пилотируемые космические полеты и перспективы на будущее

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Очень интересное видео от Space Station Guys.
Автор делает обзор развития компании SpaceХ и ее проектов.

Most of us heard the name SpaceX, but probably not many people actually know much about them or following the developments closely. To be honest even if you do follow SpaceX, it is rapidly becoming harder and harder to follow what they exactly doing and the reasoning behind it. Manned spaceflights, reusable rockets, Starlink, Starship, long term Moon base and Mars colonisation plans. A quite exquisite sci-fi movie is being born right in front of our eyes!

Szabolcs Nagy is an amateur astronomer and an International Space Station photographer. During this talk he will shine a light on the aforementioned key topics. By end of the talk you will know more about this incredible company and why so many people talk these days not only about Elon Musk, but the team behind him which turns science fiction into reality.

6:58 Early years
17:03 Falcon-9 rocket
33:32 My amateur photos of Crew Dragon (Dragon-2 spacecrafts docked to the International Space Sation)
39:16 Falcon Heavy rocket
46:15 Starlink satellite constellation
1:07:43 Starship development and future Moon and Mars plans

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